Rationalists’ and Humanists’ Forum of India established on 1st March 2011, our organization is made up of like minded people coming from different professions. We are not affiliated to any political party.

Our aim is to eradicate superstition and blind faith, which include religious fanaticism , astrology , caste-system, spiritualism and numerous other obscurantist beliefs.

Our view is that rational way of thinking shall be spread among the people as against spiritual or religious teachings, and that alone can bring about social change. We work to propagate our views by

Ø Holding regular study classes in Bangalore and all our branches.

Ø Organizing seminars /workshops. Ø Holding street corner meetings.

Ø Publishing magazines, leaflets, posters.

Ø Sending team for investigations into any so called supernatural phenomena and publishing/broadcasting the report immediately through the media.

Ø Human rights: helping with legal assistance.

Ø Counseling people in distress.

Ø Propagating eye-donation and body donation for medical use after death. Ø Demanding legitimacy of euthanasia (Mercy killing or willfully accepting death).

Ø Opening branches

Ø free coaching, free dispensary, blood donation camp, eye and body donation camp.

To open branches

Seven like minded people can open a separate branch after discussion and scrutiny by our Bangalore main office. After opening, branches will work independently and submit periodical reports of their activities. Annual subscription – Rs. 100.00 only.

How you can help us?

Ø By being life member/ordinary member.

Ø By sending small articles, anecdotes which will be read in our classes and if selected, pulished in our magazine

Ø By donating . Join today: Details of membership- In India: Ordinary membership Rs. 100 /-yearly For students Rs 50/- yearly Life membership Rs. 10,000/- Foreign: Ordinary membership $50 yearly.

If you join us –You will get:

Ø A new insight into the life and society around us.

Ø The fun of knowing more than what is apparent.

Ø The joy of involvement in the latest – the most in thing, – the Rationalist Movement and Human Rights Movement.


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